Nowadays, colleges, employers, and other institutions place a high value on both volunteer work and real-life experience organizing a nonprofit initiative. Many of our former members (particularly those that attained leadership positions) have learned plenty and gained extensive experience during BTSM (Bike to School Month).


Each and every member of the initiative contributes to a greener, safer environment for cyclists and citizens alike. Help us give back to both the environment and the Lexington community as a whole by helping promote cycling in Lexington and beyond using innovative initiatives.


We hand out community service hours for all members in accordance with their contribution to the organization. Help is always needed; the amount of work or time you choose to invest directly correlates with the quantity of community service hours received. NHS hours are given as are regular community service hours.


Join our email list to stay in the loop regarding our regular meetings, held in the Library Media Center throughout the month of May.


Our Mission

A brief statement about our initiative and the mission behind it.

The Lexington Bike Initiative is a unique opportunity to help the environment on your own time, in your own way and with your own goals. The mission of this nonprofit organization is to promote healthy, fun and environmentally friendly cycling at Lexington High School and in the surrounding town of Lexington, Massachusetts. Instead of polluting the environment with the fuels of cars, buses and motorcycles, biking not only clears the environment, but also pushes the Lexington community in a greener direction. Along with aiding the environment, biking also provides a healthy start to the day and a new source of exercise as the weather turns warm and the sun becomes hot. Cycling is the most cost-effective mode of transportation as they are fueled solely by the power of your own muscles. It also eliminates the issue of the parking at the high school or in Lexington Center. For those that bike, there is also the possibility to gain a reward for any cycling efforts. For example, cycling ten days, a student may receive a free $5 dollar ice cream at Rancatore’s, or a 50% off a food item at Ride Studio Café. Many businesses in the Lexington area understand the value of this initiative and are willing to offer help in promoting and growing such a beneficial student-run organization. Additionally, students volunteer are able to document their work for community service hours. Another unique aspect of the Lexington Bike Initiative is that help is always needed; the amount of work or time you choose to invest directly correlates with the quantity of community service hours or reward you receive. Whether you aim to aid the environment, choose a healthier lifestyle or just make a difference in the world of transportation, the Lexington Bike Initiative offers a laid-back opportunity to do your part for your community as well as yourself.